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About the Plaza

   Located in the emergent city of Lynwood, California, and only 14 miles south of downtown Los Angeles, Plaza Mexico encompasses the quadrant bounded by Imperial Highway, Long Beach Boulevard, State Street and the 105 freeway.  It is a unique 420,000 square feet of retail, food, dining, and office space blended together to create a cultural wonderland of shopping, dining, and entertainment. The exterior spaces offer outdoor diversion, sitting areas, fountains, and kiosks. Plaza Mexico is a highly successful resulting shopping and multi-purpose artistic center.

The design follows the basic principles of the ancient city of Monte Alban, which is located approximately 300 miles south of Mexico City.  Now an archeological site, the city was designed with a north-south access and platform structures similar to the pyramids of the sun and the moon placed at each end. The spatial composition of Monte Alban’s two platforms includes a series of ceremonial spaces, plazas, and courtyards defined by massive facades. This organization is also evident within the many small towns (known as "pueblos") in Mexico.

Typically, a pueblo’s main plaza is a quadrant surrounded by a church, government buildings, markets, and museums. Within the landscaped plaza there are fountains and a "kiosco", which is a raised platform used as a stage. The purpose of the plaza design is to accommodate social gatherings and public entertainment. The design also facilitates the cultural appreciation of the brilliantly colored building facades and spatial composition.

The colonial architecture found in prominent urban centers such as Guadalajara, Mexico City, Dolores Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Guanajuato, Taxco and San Miguel de Allende, are all richly reproduced into one ambiance, found only here, at Plaza Mexico.

 …so grab your camera, family, friends, and come to Plaza Mexico to see this cultural jewel in Los Angeles!


   Picture yourself shopping outdoors under the warm sunny sky and swaying palm trees.  Your ears are soothed by the combination of a light breeze and soft Mexican cultural music in the background – and as you sit down on a bench in the courtyard to observe the folkloric dance presentations and entertainment, you suddenly smile at the fact you remember you’re in Los Angeles and can return to experience this wonderful feeling of being on vacation anytime you want.

Truly a one-of-kind Mexican masterpiece, Plaza Mexico is a lavish 650,000 square foot commercial venue housing over 250 stores.  It is located in the city of Lynwood, directly in the heart of the entertainment capital of the world: Los Angeles, California.  Prime positioning in the LAX area make Plaza Mexico easily accessible from all major freeways.  Being a state-of-the-art venue, it offers a truly unique and unforgettable cultural dining, shopping, and entertainment experience – immersing the visitor in a never-before-seen environment.

Offering a colorful vacation-style ambience, Plaza Mexico continues to remain on the forefront of development with expansion projects underway and a consistent focus on adding even more retail space along with residential components.

 Already fully equipped with praising venues, beautiful architecture, exquisite artwork and murals, it is a place where friends and family meet…where enjoying a tasty margarita and great music go hand in hand…it is a dream…it IS PLAZA MEXICO!







“Literally I felt I was in Mexico City…They create a Mexico within California.”

Governor Arnold Schwarzeneggar
(California State Governor)

“Coming from Canada, I felt like I was shopping in Mexico, until my wife and I remembered we were in LA!”

- Mike & Cindy(Canada)

“Plaza Mexico will always be on my itinerary when I hit the west coast!”

- Maria Ibarra(New York)

“Go with your family, friends, children, or anyone…there’s always something going on and the shopping selection is endless!”

- Brenda Herrera(Los Angeles)

“Delicious food, awesome souvenirs, unforgettable memories, and super friendly people – ALL GREAT AND ALL AT ONE PLACE!!”

- Michael Erickson (Miami)

“If you’re ever in Los Angeles, you just have to go to Plaza Mexico and FEEL it for yourself!”

- Chan Sook (Chicago)

“Southern California has a secret jewel.”

- Vittore Di Giampietro (San Francisco)




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